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Meet the Author: World War II Book Discussion

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Claymore Room, 6.30pm

Member $10.00/Guest $10.00

Come and meet the author, Frank Lavin, former U.S. Commerce Undersecretary and U.S. Ambassador to Singapore. He is now the Chairman of the International Council of the National University of Singapore School of Medicine, and serves on the Board of Directors of UOB. Frank will be sharing about his book and his father’s experiences during the war.


Wednesday, 24 May

6.30pm to 7.45pm

Claymore Room

$10 per person

Inclusive of light refreshments and a glass of wine


Home Front to Battlefront: An Ohio Teenager in World War II

By Frank Lavin

Home Front to Battlefront is the story of the U.S. campaign in Europe during World War II, told through the story of Carl Lavin who served as a combat infantryman. Carl was a high school senior when Pearl Harbour was attacked. The Ohio native enlisted when he turned 18, a decision that would take him with the U.S. Army in training assignments in the U.S. and Britain to combat from the Battle of the Bulge through V-E Day. Home Front to Battlefront is the tale of a foot soldier who finds himself thrust into a world where he and his unit grapple with the horrors of combat, the idiocies of bureaucracy, and the oddities of life back home – all in the same day.

Carl Lavin was the father of the author, Frank Lavin. The book is based on Carl’s personal letters, his recollections, and those with whom he served, official military history, private papers, published histories, and more.


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