Jackpot Room

The Jackpot Room offers fun-filled entertainment, with 20 exciting jackpot machines. Our recent high payout amounted to $30,000. In addition, we provide delicious snacks for our players.

Operating Hours

Daily: 10.00am to 11.00pm

Rules & Regulations

No guests, children or Household Members below 18 years of age are allowed to play the jackpot machines or be present in the Jackpot Room.

Maximum of two accompanying guests of each Member are allowed to enter and remain in the Jackpot Room at any time.

Members must personally sign in their guests (maximum two guests per Membership at any one time).

Members and their accompanying guests are required, by the Singapore Police Licensing Division, to record the time of the arrival and time of departure from the jackpot room

No alcoholic beverages are allowed to be served, consumed or sold in the premise of the jackpot room

Members must ensure that their guests comply with the Rules, Regulations, Bye-Laws and decorum of the Club at all times.

Members must accompany their guests whilst they are in the Jackpot Room and must sign the jackpot claim forms on behalf of their guests when they have won any jackpot.

No Member or guest is allowed to play more than one machine at any one time irrespective of whether other machines are available.

The Club reserves the right to bar/ban/evict any Member or guest from the Jackpot Room if the Member or guest:

  • Contravenes any Club Rules, Regulations or Bye-Laws
  • Vandalises the machines or uses unnecessary force on the machines

All food is to be consumed in the Jackpot Room and is not to be taken oustide to the passageway.

No alcoholic drinks shall be served, sold or consumed in the Jackpot Room.

No reciprocal members are allowed in the Jackpot Room (per Police Licensing Division).