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Wheelhouse Chinese New Year Lunch

Sunday, 25 Feb 2018

Wheelhouse, 11.30am

Member $0.00/Guest $0.00

Gather with your family for a delicious buffet lunch at the Wheelhouse.


Sunday, 25 February

11.30am to 2.30pm


Member $42 | Guest $52

Member Child $22 | Guest Child $26


Reservations: events@tanglin-club.org.sg | Enquiries: 6622 0432

Please note that only form and email bookings / cancellations are accepted.

A 1-week cancellation policy applies.



Assorted Chinese Cold Platter

Oriental Style Spicy Top Shells Salad

BBQ Chicken Gold Coin Bak Kwa Potato Salad

Yellow Wine Chicken with Sesame and Soy Sauce with Pickled Vegetables

Cocktail Prawn Salad with Honey Dew

Tuna Flake with Trio Capsicum and Spicy Mayonnaise

Premium Smoked Salmon with Condiments


Seasonal Boutique Market Greens

Baby Spinach, Mesclun Mix, Butter Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce



Red and Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, Olives, Sliced Beets, Feta Crumble

Corn Kernel, Shredded Carrot, Snow Pea Sprouts, Telegraph Cucumber, Baby Radish


Dressings & Emulsions

Honey Mustard, Balsamic, French, Italian, Thousand Island



Four Treasure Seafood Soup


Chinese Specialty Roast

Hong Kong Style Roasted Duck, Pork Belly, Char Siew

Plum Sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Chilli Sauce


Hot Selection

Wok-fried Prawn with Cereal and Curry Leaves

Stir-fried Yam and Asparagus in Kam Heong Sauce

Wok-fried Black Pepper Beef with Bell Pepper and Onion

Steamed Sea Bass Fillet with Superior Soya Sauce

Wok-fried Bean Curd with Chinese Leek and Garlic

Braised Chicken with Chestnut and Mushroom

Steamed Fragrant Rice


Kids’ Corner

Deep-fried Chicken Nugget with Mayonnaise

Sausage with Tomato Sauce

Chicken Ba Kwa and Cheese Pizza



Assorted Chinese New Year Cookies

Grated Peanut-crusted Glutinous Rice Ball

Chinese New Year Eight Treasure Candy

Red Date Tea Jelly

Mandarin Orange Tea Cake

Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter

Vanilla and Strawberry Ice-cream with Condiments


Please note that this menu may be subject to change without prior notice.

We regret that the a la carte menu will not be available during this event.

Thank you for your understanding.