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Musculoskeletal Injuries and Degeneration, and Healthy Ageing with Medical Aesthetic Treatments - CANCELLED

Saturday, 21 Dec 2019

Claymore Room, 2.00pm

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Featuring Dr Chiam Tut Fu, Thomson Medical


Musculoskeletal conditions can be divided into acute and chronic ones. Acute conditions are usually associated with sports injuries or accidents, while chronic conditions are caused by age-related degeneration. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent deterioration and improve odds of recovery.


This talk will cover the latest non-surgical treatment options. Healthy ageing and slowing of ageing and increasing health span to look better, feel better will also be covered and it requires a combination of proper diet, sensible exercise and nutrition and evidence-based nutritional supplements and interventions.


Saturday, 21 December - CANCELLED

2.00pm to 4.00pm

Claymore Room


Inclusive of coffee and tea


About Dr Chiam Tut Fu

Dr Chiam Tut Fu obtained his MBBS and Masters of Medicine (Occupational Medicine) from the National University of Singapore. He was also the year’s top student with a Masters in Sports Science (Sports Medicine) from the United States Sports Academy.


Dr Chiam specialises in the management of musculoskeletal pain due to sports injuries or age-related degenerative and orthopaedic conditions and myofascial causes like trigger points. 


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