Membership Transfer Scheme

The Club offers Life and Ordinary Members the opportunity to apply to sell their Membership back to the Club through the Membership Transfer Scheme (MTS). Under the prevailing Rules, when the Club successfully assists a Life or Ordinary Member on the Membership Transfer List (MTL) to identify an Applicant wishing to apply for Ordinary Membership to the Club, the Club shall be entitled to payment of a processing fee equal to 33% of the prevailing entrance fee by way of deduction of the entrance fee received from the Applicant. The Club will maintain an MTL operating on a first-come-first-served basis.


A Life or an Ordinary Member of the Club seeking to sell his or her Membership to the Club must comply with the following key conditions:

  • The Member’s name must not be placed on the Absent Members’ List.
  • The Member shall not be placed on the on the Membership Transfer List (MTL) unless his/her monthly subscriptions for the preceding twelve (12) months have been paid in full when they are due.
  • The Member must not be on the Suspended/Defaulter Members’ List.
  • If the Member is subsequently placed on the Absent Members’ List or becomes in arrears of his/her monthly subscription, that Member shall be removed from the MTL.
  • The Member shall continue to be liable for monthly subscriptions until the Membership has been successfully bought back by the Club.

Option of Nominating Your Child or Grandchild

Notwithstanding Rule 11(iii), you may make a request in writing that the Membership be transferred to your child or grandchild, regardless of his/her nationality, provided he/she is at least twenty-five (25) years of age and is on the Waiting List.


When there is a request pursuant to Sub-Rule (viii), the Club shall consider such request.


Where, in exercise of the Club’s discretion, a transfer of membership is sanctioned pursuant to this Sub-Rule,

(a) The child or grandchild of the Transferor shall be resident in Singapore; and

(b) The child or grandchild of the Transferor shall pay the full entrance fee as prescribed under Rule 29.

(c) The Club shall at all times maintain the prevailing mix of Singaporean and Non-Singaporean Members except for the provision under Rule 23B.

How to Apply

The MTS application form is available at/via:

► Front Reception Desk  Main Clubhouse

► Membership Office – Level 4 of Sports Complex

► Online: 

► Email request: 


All applications for MTS must be submitted via the stipulated forms and officially acknowledged by the Club. The Club will process all applications in accordance with the prevailing Club Rules. 


Please click here to view Frequently Asked Questions on the Membership Transfer Scheme.


For further clarification or information, Members may contact the Membership Department.

T: +65 6622 0492 | +65 6622 0493 | +65 6622 0491